Δευτέρα, 13 Απριλίου 2020

Απόδειξη ότι οι τάφοι που έσκαψαν στην Αμερική και μας ζάλιζαν μέρες,έχουν σκαφτεί ΠΕΡΙΣΥ!

Σου στέλνω το αρχικό αρθρο.
HOLY SHIT…check this out…
40°51’01.21″ N 73°46’11.68″ W
If you have Google Earth App, check out the above coordinates which is where the the mass grave is.
THE GRAVE PIT WAS DUG LAST YEAR! Date on the sattelite image is June 26/2019

This “mass grave” was dug in July of last year. also it looks like its partially full of these white boxes. Im no pro at mass grave digging but something seems weird about digging a hole and leaving it for 6 months. also from the space imagery it looks like it is already partially filled with a handful of these white boxes already. looks like they only added 20 more or so in the video.
I really feel like something is fake about this and this is some sort of waste disposal that the media is making out to be mass graves. They are trying to mentally prep people for a new kind of society, one where mass graves are actually used often.

Εμαιλ Αναγνωστη

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